banana split pops!

 Now with the beautiful weather among us, I started thinking of summer time treats. What better treat then a popsicle. I found a great set frozen treat molds at Crate & Barrel. I was searching recipes on Pinterest and decided to make my own. My husband Matt, loves nothing more than a Banana Split Blizzard, so I made them in Popsicle form!!!

Here’s the recipe:

½ pint of strawberries

2 large bananas

5 scoops of frozen yogurt

1 cup of almond milk

½ cup of Oreo crumbs

I blended the strawberries and a bit of water and put aside. I then blended the bananas, milk and  frozen yogurt. I added the strawberries and Oreos and gave it a quick pulse to mix thoroughly.

Pour into molds and freeze!!!

Two thumbs up from Matt!



Packing list review.

OLA! I am home after a two week trip in Peru. I spent one week on a rustic Amazon cruise boat as well as one week making our way to and from Macchu Pichu. I did not realize how different it would be dressing for these two weeks.

How did my stylish yet resourceful packing job hold up?

For the Amazon portion, I could’ve used one more pair of pants. Maybe replace one pair a shorts with pants that zip off into shorts, practical to the max! I would’ve also included one more long sleeved shirt, made with wicking and light weight material. Amazon is filled with interesting bugs, including “chiggas”. These little devils are similar to “noseeems” here in Canada.  You can’t see them but they bite!

I also thought I was going to able to find a nice straw hat on my way there… but no luck. So I got a little sun burnt! I actually saw the exact hat I wanted in the Toronto Airport on my last leg home! Go figure!

As per the second part of the vacation, I could’ve used one more pashmina and one more dress. We went from Cusco to Macchu Pichu and back. We stayed in some beautiful hotels! I felt like a jungle person who wore same clothes, once to many times, and then  walking into wonderful clean extravagant hotels. We did have laundry on the boat, so I arrived with a suitcase of clean clothes. That jungle scent some how lingered. We dined every evening mostly at hotels restaurant and it would’ve been nice to dress ‘up’ a little. One more pashmina and dress would’ve switched it up a bit more. Other then that I found my packing list successful and solid! I will use it as a guideline for future vacations.

Hasta Luego!




Hi from Peru


No posts or catch ups for last few weeks as I’m on an adventure in Peru! Packing job is holding up pretty well. Definitely one extreme to the next on this trip. Rustic boats and bugs to extravagant spas! On my way to cross off one of my bucket list items. Machu picchu! Watch out incas here I come!

the perfect soft chocolate chip cookie

I have always struggled with baking. Not my forte. Exact measurements and following instructions is not my favorite thing to work with and that’s what baking basically is.  I finally found a recipe that worked for me! (on Pinterest)

The perfect soft chocolate chip cookie.

This is a keeper!!!!

Super easy I whipped up in 20mins or so. This recipe made about 24 cookies.

I learned a few things in regards to successful baking with this recipe.

No need to over mix!!!

It’s OK for the batter to be ooey-gooey sticky

Do NOT over bake!!!!

Great success!!!

My husband and my brother-in-law mentioned they tasted like their grandma’s cookies! Now that’s compliment! Keep this recipe and try it!

Photo challenge catch up!

I’m catching up after a busy week. I have been taking pictures but haven’t been around to make a post about it. So here we go!

Photo challenge #16 what I ate

Our family has a wonderful Sunday family meal @Vivo Restaurant one Sunday evening. This is a family style Italian dining, where everything is served to share. We ended it off with some fantastic gelato, family portion with various scoops of fruit gelato. Peach, grapefruit, and some other fruit ones I cannot remember.

Photo challenge #17 on a shelf

So I looked around on my shelves and I noticed not much I got going on at work. I do have a cool skull candle giving to me by a colleague. I always get comments on how random that is to have at my desk.

Photo challenge #18 in my bag

What’s in my bag: lipgloss, lip moisturizer, wallet, keys, headphones for iPhone, green tea and a valentine from my husband

Photo challenge #19 where I slept

Here is my bed and me playing with new photo app Snapseed. I actually got it free from a Starbucks free download card.  Its super fun, I’m sure if I was a more experienced photographer I would make better use of it!

Photo challenge #20 what I read

I’m currently enrolled in U of T taking online marketing courses. So this is the only thing I’m reading is my textbook. Using another cool (free) app CamWOW



catch up

Day 13 Photo Challenge From a distance.

I spent a wonderful weekend in Kelowna with my family. We spent Saturday @ Big white resort and had a great day. My from a distance photo is taken at the hill right beside the skating rink. With my new Iphone I’ve been looking for all the new cool apps, especially when it comes to taking pictures. Tiny Planets is a photo effect app that makes any picture look like a tiny planet by wrapping picture around. Check out this video!

Day 14 Photo Challenge Flowers

First sign of spring? I found beautiful crocus at the grocery store for myself!  I would never buy purple flower but this guy was looking my way!

Day 15 Photo Challenge  mes souliers

Well it’s snowing in Edmonton…finally. I just about forgot where I live. So I am wearing boots and socks. I don’t wear socks very often, must be a lot of snow.

i got some serious pinning happening tonight! Cannot wait!



photo challenge backlog

I’ve been out & about in Kelowna, so I’m slightly behind on my Photo Challenge. I’ve been trying to keep up with pictures at least. So here’s a few at once.


Something new. I always have something new, fortunately because I’m always shopping. Of all my recent puchases these are my favorites. tory burch flats. I love the color, the fit, the tassels!




I would take a picture of my iPhone because this is the latest technology to change my world. I dug a little deeper then that, I’m also using my phone for this challenge. I tend to frequenting a little known place called Starbucks. I recently downloaded the ap and discovered I can pay for my tasty beverages using my phone only. I dont even have carry around my card! Now this is technology that I could get behind!



A faceless self potrait.

I was playing aorund on my phone at 6am, waiting for our flight. Trying to figure out how a faceless potrait would work. I think I can work on this one and will attempt again.



Something I made.

Well I’m taking different angle on this. I made it to Kelowna. With the Desilets clan from Manitoba joining us we made it a celebration for my mom’s bday! I got a beautiful cake from Wild Earth Bakery and we made a party! YUMMERS.


Finally for today PC#11

Something FUN.

Now i always have fun in Kelowna. My parents are here, I got married here and it’s so beautiful. Another thing fun thing about Kelowna is that my bud for life Linnea lives right near by. Linnea and I have a passion for spicy food. So this picture was taken at a little mexi joint in downtown Kelowna, Fernando’s Taquiera. So much fun!


pizza like a pro!

DYI Pizza Oven.

I love, love, love wood fired and stone oven pizza. Nice light crust with a little burnt goodness on the top. OMG the best! I was surfing on Pinterest and there it was $5 DYI home stone oven.

I wasn’t sure how this Pin would turn out. Actually every time I mentioned it, most people would say “Really?!?” or “You think that’s going to work?!?” All that’s needed is two UNGLAZED ceramic tiles. Well, finding those tiles was an adventure in itself. How hard could it be, right?  As per the description found on Pinterest link, you need to use unglazed and untreated ceramic tiles).  I went to four different stores, from big box chains to small independent ones and no! No one actually even heard of untreated or unglazed. I was about to give up when I noticed a store called “Cristal Tile” right of Calgary trail. I felt like it was worth a try!

I met a lovely lady named Laura, who knew exactly what I was looking for. She mentioned she’s done it before. She was a real delight and ensured me it works! She handed over to nice 12” stone tiles and would not accept anything for it! She made my day! So I left there feeling wonderful, I made a new friend and reassured that my project would work!

Now not only was this a pizza stone adventure, this was also my first attempt on making pizza dough from scratch. I found a recipe on Pinterest using whole wheat flour. I thought it that was easy enough to follow. I thought it was a cool process that took some kneading but was definitely worth it. I doubled the batch because we had family was coming over. It made 6 medium size pizzas.

Now back to the bricks. I was baking all day and my oven was warm already. I did make the amateur mistake of not letting bricks warm up at 500 degrees for at least one hour. The first few pizzas had lighter crust on the bottom. It was a slight challenge transferring unbaked pizzas to the stone; we used the back of cookie sheets like the instructions mentioned. By the third and fourth pizzas, we were making hot stone magic! Nice and crispy, exactly as promised!

Would I recommend this to others! Holy smokes ya! I definitely am going to use cornmeal on the bottom of crust to help with transferring process. (Hint from my friend Matt B, not husband Matt B) I also think I’m in the market for one of those paddle things!

xo. amy

bon appetit!


Photo Challenge #5

Better late than never! I had hard time thinking of what I wanted to photograph for my childhood memory photo.

A stock racing shirt, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, my blankie.

I really played with this idea in my head all day long. Then it dawned on me, ice cream in a mug. Classic bonhomme. My dad always went to the freezer and filled a coffee mug, not a bowl, with ice cream. This is one of my favorite childhood memories and to this day I still serve ice cream up for Matt and myself in a mug.