peru dreaming

I recently got a new computer and imported all my photos from my iPhone. A large majority of them were from my amazing trip to Peru we took in April/May. I thought I would post some of my favourites today. I was able to experience one of the coolest trips anyone could take, one week on the Amazon River in a little cruise boat and then one week Cusco/Macchu Pichu.

Our boat was an old barge transformed into a 20 cabin river boat. No spa or pool here! This was the very rustic portion of our adventure.

We went pirahana fishing, yes that’s what I said. If you know me you know I don’t fish… ever. This was definitely the hands on portion of our trip. Here’s my awesome moms catching the “big ones”!!! I couldn’t have asked for better travel partners.

It truly was a trip of a lifetime, as the water was very high and we were able to travel within tributaries and canals not commonly accessiable at  this time of year.  Many families that live e in homes that are floating and awaiting for the water to go down, so they can rebuild their homes on land. Or some families have a had to move to higher ground. They will return to rebuild when water goes down.

This was a no frills lifestyle, while on the Amazon. I literally barely wore makeup! Shocking I know. Every day we jumped on our skiffs and destined off the mighty Amazon to discover wildlife, villages and beautiful sunsets.

After 1 week on the Amazon River, we flew to Cusco and from there made our way to Machu Picchu. We stopped for a picture opportunity just outside of Huayllabamba. It was spectacular view filled with vibrant sky and farm lands. Let’s not forget the donkeys!!!

As we toured one of the Inca villages, we came accross this lady and her son. She described her life in her village, with a song.

I love this picture because it’s right before we got onto to the train to Machu Picchu Sanctuary. I got to experience this wonderful adventure with an amazing group of people. Here’s my mom and dad!

Here it is. The most amazing place I have ever been.  The guide said get ready for it as we walked through the rock entrance and boom, it hits you! Picture truly cannot describe the way this place makes you feel. Totally awesome!

Well that’s just a few of my pictures from my great Peruvian adventure. I enjoyed looking through these pictures just as much as I love sharing them with you!




packing lite adventure style!

The time has come, to finally fill my suitcase with everything I’ve been putting aside for the last 6 months. We are officially off to our two week Amazon Adventure. After all the planning and preparing its come down to actually packing. There are lists that can be found online for packing suggestions. But I do believe I have compiled a detailed, stylish  yet resourceful, adventure packing list.

Here’s the basics:

Layers: 2 Tank tops /3 long sleeves /1 sweater /2 t-shirt (1 oilers so they know where I’m from ;)/2 sun Dresses

2 Bag: Cross body bag/little back pack

2Shorts/ 2pants 1 trekking & 1 linen

4Socks/1 tight

Shoes: 1 Flip-flops/2 sandals /1 hiking boots

Rain shell/ jean jacket

Pajamas: nightie and yoga pants

Swimsuit /cover

6 Underwear /1 bra/2 sport bra

Accessories (minimal):

As my Dad would say its not a fashion show!


Bandanna/pashmina scarf/head scarf


What does a makeup girl such as myself bring to humid rainy climate. Great question. I will be taking SPF, blush, waterproof mascara and lip gloss. That’s it! no lashes, no liners, no nothing! ( maybe I’ll sneak 1 lipstick in!Just in case)

I can’t wait for this trip. I cannot also wait to see how my packing holds up! Talk to you soon!

Xo. amy