Well seasoned

Well planting season is upon us. Herb gardens are extremely popular on Pinterest. I have tried in the past for indoor herbs but haven’t had huge success. I found many examples I liked on Pinterest, but took my own approach. I loved the idea of herbs off the side of the deck.saw this
I used a 19 X 76 cm planting vessel that should fit 6 herb plants comfortably. I also used half a large bag of potting soil. If I were to guesstimate it was aprox. 1.5L of soil to fill my planter prior to adding the plants.

I got my plants from the Terwillegar Farmers Market today from a vendor, August Farms, based out of Devon. The gentleman there was incredibly helpful for an amateur gardener such as me.  He actually forgot cilantro, which would be my first pick. But he mentioned it’s a fast growing plant and overwhelms other herbs. Its best planted stby itself. Good advice!
I went with Italian parsley, oregano, basil, rosemary, sage and summer savory. Savory? Summer Savory?!? What do I do with savory? I’ll let you know!!

I filled my planter 3/4 full and spaced out 6 plants on top to make sure they would all fit nicely without crowding each other. I gently placed each herb in their new designated spots and lightly covered with fresh soil to secure them.

I watered them gently and mounted on to my back porch. Voila! Fresh herbs for the season. I’m so happy with the results. Doesn’t it look great?

Who knew I would become such a gardener?

Til next time!

xo amy


arnie palmie

It’s been so beautiful outside and makes me think ice cold bevvies!!! One of our favorites is Arnold Palmers, named after the famous golfer.  It is blend of equal parts lemonade and iced tea. In the southern USA they call it sweet tea. Here is the simple recipe without alcohol in it. On Pinterest, I noticed that bourbon is often added to the recipe. Spiked or Tipsy Arnold Palmers.


  • 1 cup water

  • 1 cup sugar

  • 1 1/2 cups lemon juice (about 8 lemons)

  • 5 cups cold water

  • Take one cup of sugar and one cup of water and boil, stirring occasionally, cooking until sugar is dissolved to make simple syrup. Remove from heat.
    Pour lemon juice into a 2-quart or larger pitcher. Add cold water.

Iced Tea:

  • 5 tea bags (I used English Breakfast)
  • 5 cups of boiling water


Let steep for 4-6 minutes. Pull out tea bags and there we go!


Mix, chill and add some bourbon for you adventurous ones out there!


xo amy

house numbers…

I have struggled with the idea with putting numbers on my house. Not knowing where to put them, what color etc…? The used envelope in our front window isn’t cutting it. I found a fantastic idea on Pinterest this winter. This is a great idea  instead of drilling holes on the side of my house with numbers found at local a hardware store.  I decide not to go with the chalkboard paint version like my picture. I bought a nice black big planter and painted the letter and numbers directly on it. I didn’t think chalkboard paint and chalkboard writing would work well with the rain. Here are some pictures:

I only had a little brush from a  paint set, but with enough water and Q tips I think it worked out well.

I definitely was smiling when I pulled out of my drive way this morning and saw my latest Pinterest project!



all hail the queen

I love a good solid, all season friendly nail color. With neutrals being incredibly poplar for Spring 2012, I decided to pull out my Butter London’s  “All Hail the Queen”. I discovered this beauty within my first few weeks on Pinterest. II repinned and found it at a local store called Jilly’s a few days after. Butter London  is a brand I only recognized from the location at Seattle airport, pedi’s while you wait for a flight!!! Butter London is a brand I sold when I worked in cosmetics at Holt Renfrew. You should check out their website. It’s awesome!

They are a “3 Free Nail” company, which means no formaldehyde, no Tulane and no DBP.

As well as Vegan and Cruelty Free

Who doesn’t like a socially conscious product.

Really cool color & cool company. “All Hail the Queen” some days it feels like that’s me!

Xo. amy

quinoa goodness

I am a big fan of the super grain quinoa. I was introduced to it a few years ago in a salad at Planet Organic. There’s still lots of buzz about its versatility and benefits. I use it instead of rice with stir fries, in soups and usually in salads. Quinoa salad is so awesome to prepare ahead of time and have on hand.  Sometimes its even better when it sits a couple days. For example I made this recipe on Sunday and have had it for lunch since then. My basic recipe I used Quinoa, cranberries,  sliced almonds, salt & pepper, green onions and peppers. I was really ready for a change. I found this little gem of a recipe on Pinterest (of course) and have really enjoyed the version!

Here’s the jist of it!

I prepared 1 cup of uncooked quinoa the day before.

Chop! Chop! Chop!

Mix! Mix! Mix!

This is my lunch. I added a bit of avocado and pea shoots today!

If you have never made this, make IT!!!! It’s so easy and tasty. I have a few friends who are self proclaimed “dummy” in the kitchen. Anyone can make this. Its’ sooooo simple and delicious.

xo amy

hex nut bracelet

A while back, my pinning partner, Susie and I made some bad ass hex bracelets. I didn’t wear it that much when I first made it. It always takes me a while to get used to things on my wrists. I noticed tons of people re-pinning this one! I started wearing it and got a ton of compliments on it!

I also tried with flat and round beads I had at home and it was much lighter! Doesn’t quite lay the same though.

Here’s how we made them:

Mad braiding skills

Cotton String or twine. Without that wax stuff on it.

16-18 hex nuts or beads of your choice…I was able to get small hex nuts at Home Depot.

It took 2 sets of hands at one point but …but you should be able to do it alone.
After the third one, I got the hang of it.  I don’t know if it’s just me, but when I made friendship bracelets back in the day I used to use a safety pin tied to my pants.

Here’s some pics!

Hexed ones:

Beaded One:

Happy pinning!



libre tea

I found this little gem on Pinterest a little while ago. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to talk about it, as it’s something I use it almost everyday. Libre Tea diffuser, which I pinned and saw a few days later at David’s Tea.  I most likely wouldn’t have noticed it if I didn’t see it on Pinterest just days before.

I love loose tea and usually 1 cup is not enough. This diffuser makes about 1.5 cups. I use it mostly at work as bringing my big Bodum was inconvenient to clean at the office. I find this one super easy to clean and does not hold on to any scents. Sometimes travel mugs get kind of yucky and stinky, this is not the case with this one.

I have 2 kinds of tea I drink alot at work, both from David’s Tea. The dark one on the left bottom corner is The Skinny. It’s an awesome Oolong digestive tea. The second is the green tea, on right, called Splash. This is an awesome lightly flavored green tea with sea lettuce!??! What the heck is that you ask? Sea lettuce is an edible algae and has a ton of health benefits. Who knew I’d drink algae and like it!

Well, I think  it’s tea time!

xo amy

Packing list review.

OLA! I am home after a two week trip in Peru. I spent one week on a rustic Amazon cruise boat as well as one week making our way to and from Macchu Pichu. I did not realize how different it would be dressing for these two weeks.

How did my stylish yet resourceful packing job hold up?

For the Amazon portion, I could’ve used one more pair of pants. Maybe replace one pair a shorts with pants that zip off into shorts, practical to the max! I would’ve also included one more long sleeved shirt, made with wicking and light weight material. Amazon is filled with interesting bugs, including “chiggas”. These little devils are similar to “noseeems” here in Canada.  You can’t see them but they bite!

I also thought I was going to able to find a nice straw hat on my way there… but no luck. So I got a little sun burnt! I actually saw the exact hat I wanted in the Toronto Airport on my last leg home! Go figure!

As per the second part of the vacation, I could’ve used one more pashmina and one more dress. We went from Cusco to Macchu Pichu and back. We stayed in some beautiful hotels! I felt like a jungle person who wore same clothes, once to many times, and then  walking into wonderful clean extravagant hotels. We did have laundry on the boat, so I arrived with a suitcase of clean clothes. That jungle scent some how lingered. We dined every evening mostly at hotels restaurant and it would’ve been nice to dress ‘up’ a little. One more pashmina and dress would’ve switched it up a bit more. Other then that I found my packing list successful and solid! I will use it as a guideline for future vacations.

Hasta Luego!



photo challenge

So I’m running out of time to catch up on my photo challenge.

I really loved coming up with this series of photos. Lots of great options and ideas running through my head.

Day 21. Pretty Pattern

When I was in Seattle last year, I found myself in a friends and family sale at Kate Spade. I purchased this scarf  because of the pattern! (as well the discount I was offered!).

Day 22 Trees

Sometimes I wish I worked downtown, the hustle and bustle of the big city. But then I wouldn’t have this to look at break and lunchtime.

Day 23 Sunset

The days have been longer and the sun has been setting around 7-730ish. What a nice change.This is taken from my second story window  over looking the street, park and little pond in front of my home.

Day 24 Smile

My favorite smile is from my favorite person, my husband Matt. Here he is with milkshake. (Those usually make him smile)

Day 25 Sunflare

I wasn’t sure how to take a pic of sunflare. I tried a few times, few different windows etc. Finally was sitting in my living room paying with the camera and out this one came! Its really pretty pic of my front entrance.

I’m slightly behind on my challenge. I was hoping to catch up before I went away.  Hopefully I can pull it off!  42 hours until take off!

xo amy

pin-inspired nails.

I am feeling adventurous today. I have a pin board called n.a.i.l.s. and I decided to do something different with my nails this time. I usually have short black nails. I also was incredibly undecided, so I mixed two inspirations saved on my pin board. I’m really digging neutral and neon colors together!

Here’s how mine turned out!

pretty friken cute if you ask me.

Neutral beige base and neon yellow dots!