photo challenge

So I’m running out of time to catch up on my photo challenge.

I really loved coming up with this series of photos. Lots of great options and ideas running through my head.

Day 21. Pretty Pattern

When I was in Seattle last year, I found myself in a friends and family sale at Kate Spade. I purchased this scarf  because of the pattern! (as well the discount I was offered!).

Day 22 Trees

Sometimes I wish I worked downtown, the hustle and bustle of the big city. But then I wouldn’t have this to look at break and lunchtime.

Day 23 Sunset

The days have been longer and the sun has been setting around 7-730ish. What a nice change.This is taken from my second story window  over looking the street, park and little pond in front of my home.

Day 24 Smile

My favorite smile is from my favorite person, my husband Matt. Here he is with milkshake. (Those usually make him smile)

Day 25 Sunflare

I wasn’t sure how to take a pic of sunflare. I tried a few times, few different windows etc. Finally was sitting in my living room paying with the camera and out this one came! Its really pretty pic of my front entrance.

I’m slightly behind on my challenge. I was hoping to catch up before I went away.  Hopefully I can pull it off!  42 hours until take off!

xo amy


Photo challenge catch up!

I’m catching up after a busy week. I have been taking pictures but haven’t been around to make a post about it. So here we go!

Photo challenge #16 what I ate

Our family has a wonderful Sunday family meal @Vivo Restaurant one Sunday evening. This is a family style Italian dining, where everything is served to share. We ended it off with some fantastic gelato, family portion with various scoops of fruit gelato. Peach, grapefruit, and some other fruit ones I cannot remember.

Photo challenge #17 on a shelf

So I looked around on my shelves and I noticed not much I got going on at work. I do have a cool skull candle giving to me by a colleague. I always get comments on how random that is to have at my desk.

Photo challenge #18 in my bag

What’s in my bag: lipgloss, lip moisturizer, wallet, keys, headphones for iPhone, green tea and a valentine from my husband

Photo challenge #19 where I slept

Here is my bed and me playing with new photo app Snapseed. I actually got it free from a Starbucks free download card.  Its super fun, I’m sure if I was a more experienced photographer I would make better use of it!

Photo challenge #20 what I read

I’m currently enrolled in U of T taking online marketing courses. So this is the only thing I’m reading is my textbook. Using another cool (free) app CamWOW



catch up

Day 13 Photo Challenge From a distance.

I spent a wonderful weekend in Kelowna with my family. We spent Saturday @ Big white resort and had a great day. My from a distance photo is taken at the hill right beside the skating rink. With my new Iphone I’ve been looking for all the new cool apps, especially when it comes to taking pictures. Tiny Planets is a photo effect app that makes any picture look like a tiny planet by wrapping picture around. Check out this video!

Day 14 Photo Challenge Flowers

First sign of spring? I found beautiful crocus at the grocery store for myself!  I would never buy purple flower but this guy was looking my way!

Day 15 Photo Challenge  mes souliers

Well it’s snowing in Edmonton…finally. I just about forgot where I live. So I am wearing boots and socks. I don’t wear socks very often, must be a lot of snow.

i got some serious pinning happening tonight! Cannot wait!



photo challenge backlog

I’ve been out & about in Kelowna, so I’m slightly behind on my Photo Challenge. I’ve been trying to keep up with pictures at least. So here’s a few at once.


Something new. I always have something new, fortunately because I’m always shopping. Of all my recent puchases these are my favorites. tory burch flats. I love the color, the fit, the tassels!




I would take a picture of my iPhone because this is the latest technology to change my world. I dug a little deeper then that, I’m also using my phone for this challenge. I tend to frequenting a little known place called Starbucks. I recently downloaded the ap and discovered I can pay for my tasty beverages using my phone only. I dont even have carry around my card! Now this is technology that I could get behind!



A faceless self potrait.

I was playing aorund on my phone at 6am, waiting for our flight. Trying to figure out how a faceless potrait would work. I think I can work on this one and will attempt again.



Something I made.

Well I’m taking different angle on this. I made it to Kelowna. With the Desilets clan from Manitoba joining us we made it a celebration for my mom’s bday! I got a beautiful cake from Wild Earth Bakery and we made a party! YUMMERS.


Finally for today PC#11

Something FUN.

Now i always have fun in Kelowna. My parents are here, I got married here and it’s so beautiful. Another thing fun thing about Kelowna is that my bud for life Linnea lives right near by. Linnea and I have a passion for spicy food. So this picture was taken at a little mexi joint in downtown Kelowna, Fernando’s Taquiera. So much fun!


someone i love

Photo Challenge #5

Now challenge number five just happen to be “take a picture of someone you love”, on Valentines Day!Isn’t that special! There’s no one I love more then my husband Matt.

This year Matt surprised me with a bouquet of Valentine cards. Instead of flowers, he personalized 36 Valentine cards! Some funny, some sweet, a little bit of everything! Best husband ever!xo. amy

photochallenge #3 & #4

So I’m day behind on photo challenge…

I went outside on Sunday and there was literally one string of clouds. Was not all that pretty and hard for me not to get all my neighbors houses in it. I decide to get a better one the next day!

So 2 in the same day!

Photo Challenge #3 Clouds…

Gloomy st.Albert afternoon. (looks like tie dye though)

Photo Challenge #4 My favorite color!

It really is…

Happy valentines friends.



PC#2 what I wore

I was out and about on this wonderful Saturday morning running errands. I was dressed casual to max. no makeup (well a little)/ponytail/flats. I was spoting my new Johnny Cash tank top I found on etsy. Have a great weekend.



I see this all one on Pinterest quite often. 30 Day photo challenge. I’m going to attempt to take a crack at this one starting tomorrow. I will only be using my trusty new iPhone and will be posting on my blog as well as my twitter. This should be interesting! Stay tuned!