Well seasoned

Well planting season is upon us. Herb gardens are extremely popular on Pinterest. I have tried in the past for indoor herbs but haven’t had huge success. I found many examples I liked on Pinterest, but took my own approach. I loved the idea of herbs off the side of the deck.saw this
I used a 19 X 76 cm planting vessel that should fit 6 herb plants comfortably. I also used half a large bag of potting soil. If I were to guesstimate it was aprox. 1.5L of soil to fill my planter prior to adding the plants.

I got my plants from the Terwillegar Farmers Market today from a vendor, August Farms, based out of Devon. The gentleman there was incredibly helpful for an amateur gardener such as me.  He actually forgot cilantro, which would be my first pick. But he mentioned it’s a fast growing plant and overwhelms other herbs. Its best planted stby itself. Good advice!
I went with Italian parsley, oregano, basil, rosemary, sage and summer savory. Savory? Summer Savory?!? What do I do with savory? I’ll let you know!!

I filled my planter 3/4 full and spaced out 6 plants on top to make sure they would all fit nicely without crowding each other. I gently placed each herb in their new designated spots and lightly covered with fresh soil to secure them.

I watered them gently and mounted on to my back porch. Voila! Fresh herbs for the season. I’m so happy with the results. Doesn’t it look great?

Who knew I would become such a gardener?

Til next time!

xo amy


Thank you!!!!

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