libre tea

I found this little gem on Pinterest a little while ago. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to talk about it, as it’s something I use it almost everyday. Libre Tea diffuser, which I pinned and saw a few days later at David’s Tea.  I most likely wouldn’t have noticed it if I didn’t see it on Pinterest just days before.

I love loose tea and usually 1 cup is not enough. This diffuser makes about 1.5 cups. I use it mostly at work as bringing my big Bodum was inconvenient to clean at the office. I find this one super easy to clean and does not hold on to any scents. Sometimes travel mugs get kind of yucky and stinky, this is not the case with this one.

I have 2 kinds of tea I drink alot at work, both from David’s Tea. The dark one on the left bottom corner is The Skinny. It’s an awesome Oolong digestive tea. The second is the green tea, on right, called Splash. This is an awesome lightly flavored green tea with sea lettuce!??! What the heck is that you ask? Sea lettuce is an edible algae and has a ton of health benefits. Who knew I’d drink algae and like it!

Well, I think  it’s tea time!

xo amy


Thank you!!!!

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