Packing list review.

OLA! I am home after a two week trip in Peru. I spent one week on a rustic Amazon cruise boat as well as one week making our way to and from Macchu Pichu. I did not realize how different it would be dressing for these two weeks.

How did my stylish yet resourceful packing job hold up?

For the Amazon portion, I could’ve used one more pair of pants. Maybe replace one pair a shorts with pants that zip off into shorts, practical to the max! I would’ve also included one more long sleeved shirt, made with wicking and light weight material. Amazon is filled with interesting bugs, including “chiggas”. These little devils are similar to “noseeems” here in Canada.  You can’t see them but they bite!

I also thought I was going to able to find a nice straw hat on my way there… but no luck. So I got a little sun burnt! I actually saw the exact hat I wanted in the Toronto Airport on my last leg home! Go figure!

As per the second part of the vacation, I could’ve used one more pashmina and one more dress. We went from Cusco to Macchu Pichu and back. We stayed in some beautiful hotels! I felt like a jungle person who wore same clothes, once to many times, and then  walking into wonderful clean extravagant hotels. We did have laundry on the boat, so I arrived with a suitcase of clean clothes. That jungle scent some how lingered. We dined every evening mostly at hotels restaurant and it would’ve been nice to dress ‘up’ a little. One more pashmina and dress would’ve switched it up a bit more. Other then that I found my packing list successful and solid! I will use it as a guideline for future vacations.

Hasta Luego!




Thank you!!!!

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