packing lite adventure style!

The time has come, to finally fill my suitcase with everything I’ve been putting aside for the last 6 months. We are officially off to our two week Amazon Adventure. After all the planning and preparing its come down to actually packing. There are lists that can be found online for packing suggestions. But I do believe I have compiled a detailed, stylish  yet resourceful, adventure packing list.

Here’s the basics:

Layers: 2 Tank tops /3 long sleeves /1 sweater /2 t-shirt (1 oilers so they know where I’m from ;)/2 sun Dresses

2 Bag: Cross body bag/little back pack

2Shorts/ 2pants 1 trekking & 1 linen

4Socks/1 tight

Shoes: 1 Flip-flops/2 sandals /1 hiking boots

Rain shell/ jean jacket

Pajamas: nightie and yoga pants

Swimsuit /cover

6 Underwear /1 bra/2 sport bra

Accessories (minimal):

As my Dad would say its not a fashion show!


Bandanna/pashmina scarf/head scarf


What does a makeup girl such as myself bring to humid rainy climate. Great question. I will be taking SPF, blush, waterproof mascara and lip gloss. That’s it! no lashes, no liners, no nothing! ( maybe I’ll sneak 1 lipstick in!Just in case)

I can’t wait for this trip. I cannot also wait to see how my packing holds up! Talk to you soon!

Xo. amy


Thank you!!!!

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