catch up

Day 13 Photo Challenge From a distance.

I spent a wonderful weekend in Kelowna with my family. We spent Saturday @ Big white resort and had a great day. My from a distance photo is taken at the hill right beside the skating rink. With my new Iphone I’ve been looking for all the new cool apps, especially when it comes to taking pictures. Tiny Planets is a photo effect app that makes any picture look like a tiny planet by wrapping picture around. Check out this video!

Day 14 Photo Challenge Flowers

First sign of spring? I found beautiful crocus at the grocery store for myself!  I would never buy purple flower but this guy was looking my way!

Day 15 Photo Challenge  mes souliers

Well it’s snowing in Edmonton…finally. I just about forgot where I live. So I am wearing boots and socks. I don’t wear socks very often, must be a lot of snow.

i got some serious pinning happening tonight! Cannot wait!




Thank you!!!!

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