photo challenge backlog

I’ve been out & about in Kelowna, so I’m slightly behind on my Photo Challenge. I’ve been trying to keep up with pictures at least. So here’s a few at once.


Something new. I always have something new, fortunately because I’m always shopping. Of all my recent puchases these are my favorites. tory burch flats. I love the color, the fit, the tassels!




I would take a picture of my iPhone because this is the latest technology to change my world. I dug a little deeper then that, I’m also using my phone for this challenge. I tend to frequenting a little known place called Starbucks. I recently downloaded the ap and discovered I can pay for my tasty beverages using my phone only. I dont even have carry around my card! Now this is technology that I could get behind!



A faceless self potrait.

I was playing aorund on my phone at 6am, waiting for our flight. Trying to figure out how a faceless potrait would work. I think I can work on this one and will attempt again.



Something I made.

Well I’m taking different angle on this. I made it to Kelowna. With the Desilets clan from Manitoba joining us we made it a celebration for my mom’s bday! I got a beautiful cake from Wild Earth Bakery and we made a party! YUMMERS.


Finally for today PC#11

Something FUN.

Now i always have fun in Kelowna. My parents are here, I got married here and it’s so beautiful. Another thing fun thing about Kelowna is that my bud for life Linnea lives right near by. Linnea and I have a passion for spicy food. So this picture was taken at a little mexi joint in downtown Kelowna, Fernando’s Taquiera. So much fun!



Thank you!!!!

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