pizza like a pro!

DYI Pizza Oven.

I love, love, love wood fired and stone oven pizza. Nice light crust with a little burnt goodness on the top. OMG the best! I was surfing on Pinterest and there it was $5 DYI home stone oven.

I wasn’t sure how this Pin would turn out. Actually every time I mentioned it, most people would say “Really?!?” or “You think that’s going to work?!?” All that’s needed is two UNGLAZED ceramic tiles. Well, finding those tiles was an adventure in itself. How hard could it be, right?  As per the description found on Pinterest link, you need to use unglazed and untreated ceramic tiles).  I went to four different stores, from big box chains to small independent ones and no! No one actually even heard of untreated or unglazed. I was about to give up when I noticed a store called “Cristal Tile” right of Calgary trail. I felt like it was worth a try!

I met a lovely lady named Laura, who knew exactly what I was looking for. She mentioned she’s done it before. She was a real delight and ensured me it works! She handed over to nice 12” stone tiles and would not accept anything for it! She made my day! So I left there feeling wonderful, I made a new friend and reassured that my project would work!

Now not only was this a pizza stone adventure, this was also my first attempt on making pizza dough from scratch. I found a recipe on Pinterest using whole wheat flour. I thought it that was easy enough to follow. I thought it was a cool process that took some kneading but was definitely worth it. I doubled the batch because we had family was coming over. It made 6 medium size pizzas.

Now back to the bricks. I was baking all day and my oven was warm already. I did make the amateur mistake of not letting bricks warm up at 500 degrees for at least one hour. The first few pizzas had lighter crust on the bottom. It was a slight challenge transferring unbaked pizzas to the stone; we used the back of cookie sheets like the instructions mentioned. By the third and fourth pizzas, we were making hot stone magic! Nice and crispy, exactly as promised!

Would I recommend this to others! Holy smokes ya! I definitely am going to use cornmeal on the bottom of crust to help with transferring process. (Hint from my friend Matt B, not husband Matt B) I also think I’m in the market for one of those paddle things!

xo. amy

bon appetit!



  1. do you place the pizza crust directly on the bottom stone tile then?
    i really want to try this – we have pizza night here every Friday night and love our pizza but the top is always overdone to get the bottom nearly right. This may be a simple solution (if I can find the tiles) to our dillema. thanks for the post!

  2. Can’t waot to try this. The trick is a little cornmeal on the bottom tile and a little cornmeal on the paddle, that way the dough won’t stick!

Thank you!!!!

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