cheescake cupcakes

What a nice weekend! I had the opportunity to spend time with some of my favorite people! I went on a bit of a Pinterest binge as well.  Sunday morning I came home from a photo shoot and was eager to get in the kitchen!  I found a recipe from my “get in my belly” board that I had most ingredients I ad.

So the recipe is raspberry swirl, but my husband is a big blueberry fan and that’s what I had in the fridge. So blueberry swirls instead!

Now I have never made a cheesecake…supposedly you have to water bath something and worry about cracking…. which is much too technical for amateur baker such as myself. These little individual sized ones did not require that much baking knowledge or skill.

Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake Cupcakes-this is picture from Pinterest.

Here’s my version.

My ingredients. (blueberries instead if raspberries.)

I found this recipe easy even though it had quite a few steps.

1.Graham cracker crusts in bottoms and bake for 5 mins.

2.Mix cheesecake ingredients  cream cheese,  sugar, pinch of salt,vanilla extract,  eggs)

*see actually link for detailed instructions and ingredients.

3. Mix blueberries and sugar in food processor

4. Fill on top of set crusts with cream cheese filling.

5.Add few dots of blueberry mixture and swirl.

Swirl it up!

6. Bake…

7. and chill for 4 hours…

I served them to my family and received good reviews.  I think would be great for work party or pot luck. It would be nice to keep it seasonal as the berries and flavoring are easily substituted for this recipe.

xo. amy


Thank you!!!!

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