Tasty with a capital T

 Tastiness with a capital T!!

Susie, my pinning partner and I made a delectable little treat we found on Pinterest–Salted Chocolate Pecan Toffee.   Now to start off I have to say that I do not expect all my pinning ventures to have the perfect ending. This one was bittersweet. No pun intended!

I have made toffee-style candy once before, so I was excited to use my candy thermometer for the second time. My hubby sure liked the first batch I made at Christmas, however this recipe was a little different but we were ready to tackle it. Thought the process was a bit long but it was well worth it in the long run.

This is the picture from Pinterest.

Here is our version.

Ingredients: Pecans/sugar/butter/salt/vanilla/bittersweet chocolate/fleur de sel


Full recipe can be found here.

Suzie boiling, stirring and mixing!


Just about there. Candy thermometer needed to reach 310°. Felt like we waited forever!


Pouring it into our ungreased pan!


Beautiful and useful isn’t she!

Here is where we may or may not have followed directions properly. We put filled pan outside thinking we would let it cool a bit then score it. But it turned out hard as a rock. No scoring allowed!

So instead we cracked the crack out of it!

Well we may or may not have got involved in some other pinning activity and forgot about it.

So we added the chocolate after carefully melting it and adding toasted pecans and fleur du sel!

*hint from Susie’s friend …When sprinkling do it from higher up for more even spread.

Now here’s where else we could’ve timed a bit better. The chocolate hardened fast because candy was cold. This resulted in poor sticking of pecans and fleur de sel. I would suggest right after melting chocolate and gently patting it in.


Super yummy! Loved the salt in it! Matt took some to work and my mother in law said it was a winning recipe! I will be making this again!

Have a great weekend!


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