what is Pinterest>?

Some of those that have read my blog have been asking, “What the heck is Pinterest?” For those of you ‘not in the know’, let me explain. Pinterest is an online pin board. It allows you to organize pictures and ideas that you find online with the link attached.  You organize what you’ve found by creating and saving to personalized pin boards, but you can also browse and look at what other like-minded PINNERS have pinned and shared as well.


I find I can get lost and inspired when browsing through other people’s boards. Now this isn’t just a girl thing, there have beena few boys browsing here and there. You need to get invited to join Pinterest so let me know and I will invite you. You will then get approval and you get started browsing and building your own boards.


Now there’s some pinning etiquette involved. This is explained to each pinner upon approval of their account. http://pinterest.com/about/etiquette/ I find Pinterest to be such a simple concept… one of those…“I wish I thought of that” ideas!


Personal Pin boards are set up easily! I now have boards for recipes, stuff I like and may want to buy, beauty and makeup, art, home décor and my favorite: My leap list. Places I want to go and activities I’d like to do by a certain time in my life. I used to read a lot of business and self –help style books, with a common theme when it comes to goals and dreams and visualizing. You need to see to create it! This is an ideal place to create visual boards of goals that you can look at every once and a while and get re-inspired!


On the left you can click “follow me” button. Check out my boards!!!


One comment

  1. An excellent description Amy! The one thing you forgot is the soul crushing addiction that will follow shortly after signing up. They have yet to find a cure.

Thank you!!!!

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