here we go!!!

Welcome to by new blog site! My name is Amy. I am a wife, traveler, foodie, online shopper and love to surf the internet. I recently discovered and fell in love with the website Pinterest (OMG!) and I have recommended many friends and family to visit this online billboard site.
I love to try new recipes, try new crafting ideas, and love to shop for new  fashion items and home decor…And since joining Pinterest I find myself looking and dreaming more than DOING.  SO this blog is my attempt to keep myself engaged with my boards and ideas as well as being accountable to trying new ideas from my Pinterest boards.  Each week when I attempt a new recipe,  buy something fabulous online or make something crafty etc from what I have found on Pinterest, I will post my results. I invite you to join me in my Pinterest World!


oooh the wonders of Pinterest!!!



Thank you!!!!

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